Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh the joy of CVS...

Piper got stung by a bee last night for the first time and of course I went into full blown panic attack. I only had Benadryl topic ointment in the house and Piper's bee sting was just under her eye brow. I didn't want to put it that close to the eye. Poor thing...her eye swelled up until it was about half shut. We put a cold popsicle on it instead in between bites for her. :)

So what do I do after that? Make a trip to CVS in order to get Benadryl in the house. I lucked out and they had a great deal going on with it too!

Here is what I got:

  1. 3 dye free liquid Benadryl's $5.00 a piece
  2. 1 dye free adult Benadryl $5.00
  3. 1 Christophe shampoo on sale B1G1 @ $7.99
  4. 1 Christophe conditioner
  5. 1 Revlon bronzing blush $9.99
  6. 2 M & M dark chocolate with peanuts $2.50 a piece
  7. 2 Hershey bags $2.50 a piece
  8. 1 Colgate toothpaste $1.77
  9. 1 Colgate toothbrush $1.77
  10. 1 Bandaid ultra strips $2.99

Total before coupons and tax was $62.50. I had $31.00 in coupons! $9.00 of that was from the $3.00/$15.00 expired CVS coupon. I thought I would try it and see if they would take it and they ended up taking 3 of them! Woot! I then used $21.99 of ECB's, paid $1.52 in cash, and got back $26.99 in ECB's! What a good trip! And I got stuff that I really needed in the house.

Definitely can't beat the deals at CVS!

Like Piper's face in the side of the pic? I opened the bag of M & M's for Caleb to try since they had no milk in them and she kept sneaking up there to sample a "few" for herself. :)


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