Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CVS, how I love you!

Here is what I got in yet another trip this week:

  1. 3 nail polishes Please excuse the colors. Ambry was with me and those are the ones she picked out. Quite colorful, to say the least. On sale for $.99 each
  2. Hubba Bubba gum, again courtesy of Ambry $.99
  3. 2 Pantene Pro-V shampoo marked down from $6.19 to $.61 !!!
  4. 2 Pantene Pro-V conditioner marked down from $6.19 to $.61 !!!
  5. 1 CVS cleansing facial wipes for $2.99
  6. 1 24/7 men's deoderant on sale for $3.99
  7. 1 water...again, for Ambry $1.19 This is what happens when I bring her with me to places. I should know by know that she is either going to die from hunger or perish from thirst and remember to bring these things with me!
  8. 1 4x6 photo book on sale for $3.99
  9. 1 6x8 photo book on sale for $7.99

Came to $48.97 worth of stuff(before clearance prices). I had $12.50 in coupons, used $13.00 in ECB's, paid $1.34 in cash, and got back $14.98 in ECB's. Seriously, have I mentioned that I LOVE CVS?!?

I could have split this transaction up and done even better, but I wasn't taking any chances on Ambry dying from hunger. I just know she would have spotted those peanut M&M's if we would have been there for a minute longer. Poor child...she is just wasting away. :)

If you have not become addicted to shopping at CVS yet, or would like to become addicted to shopping at CVS, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email with questions. I highly recommend it to all those who either like to have lots of fun items, like to save money, or just like to find some great bargains. Also, it is very good at fixing those "need to spend some money" urges. Or maybe I'm the only one who gets those. :)


Quite the good deals you got there. I love pantene shampoo but don't buy it anymore unless it's super cheap or free at CVS..haha. Anyway I'll be looking out for that clearance shampoo.
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