Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What to do when you have 3 "expert" strawberry pickers (Kasey, Rosie, and Ambry) with you and you end up with 37 pounds of strawberries? You make jam! Well, I didn't know of anything else to make...

Here are some--there are 3 more containers like the ones with the white lids that were below the shelves!

And here are more.

What do you think? Should the girls and I try to sell some or do you think we will eat it all? That is a LOT of jam. I still have a good half a box yet--enough to definitely make another 4 jars or so. I also want to make raspberry jam and possibly blackberry. If you think it is a good idea to sell some (just around my neighborhood probably) how much would you sell it for?


What a lot of work. This looked like my kitchen on Friday. I made 8 batches of jam, a strawberry pie, angelfood cake with strawberries and still have some in the fridge.

I'd probably keep them... we use ours up every year and each year I make more.
My boss sells his jam for $3.00 a jar. Nothing like homemade jam. Go for it. I would keep it if it was me, for the fall & winter months.
Ah, I just finished doing this it took me three hours. But the jam is so yummy it's all worth it! I to would keep it unless you have waaayyy to much than maybe sell it? I always give some to the neighbors they love it especially the widows.
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