Sunday, March 02, 2008

CVS order for the week:
I did 3 separate transactions for this.

Transaction #1:
  1. 4 Colgate Total
  2. 3 bags of Hershey kisses
  3. 1 snickers bar
used 2 $.75 off and 2 $.50 off cpns for Colgate. Used $5/$15 CVS coupon. Used $7.00 ECB's. Paid $1.22 in cash. Then received $11.96 back in ECB's.

Transaction #2:
  1. 1 Mach 3 razor 3 ct.
  2. 1 Oral B tooth brush
  3. 1 bottle of 100 ct CVS vitamin c
  4. 2 Dove chocolate bars with almonds yumm... Please ignore the half eaten one. :)
  5. 1 Johnson's buddy soap
Used $.99 off Johnsons buddy soap cpn, B1G1 Dove cpn, $3.00 off Mach 3, and $5/$15 CVS coupon. Also used $2.09 off of a money card. Paid $5.42 in cash. I forgot to use ECb's before the money card. They won't let you use the ECB's after using a money card for some reason. So this order should have been less. Oh well. Then I got back $11.99 in ECB's. I also got the vitamin C for free since they didn't have the March vitamin C bottles in the store yet.

Transaction #3"
  1. 2 Dawn Botanical dish soap
  2. 1 Venus razor
  3. 2 Febreeze candles
  4. 1 Oral B toothbrush
  5. 1 Johnson's buddy soap
Used $.99 cpm for Johnson's buddy soap, $2.00 Oral B cpn, 2 $3.00 off 1 Febreeze, $4/$20 CVS cpn, $5/$15 CVS cpn, $1.00 off 2 Dawn dish soap cpn, $4.00 off Venus razor cpn. Used $7.00 in ECB's and paid $2.85 in cash. Received back $14.99 in ECB's

After all of that I spent $9.49 in cash and $14.00 in ECB's. I got back $38.94 in ECB's. My total amount of product? A little over $70.00 worth of stuff! Yeah! All in all, I would say a productive trip to CVS.

Hopefully I will hit up Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Meijer tomorrow. I will let you know what deals I get there. :) Happy deal hunting!


1)Do you get a CVS ad in your paper? Or are you checking the ad online?
2)Do they give you a hard time about internet coupons at all?
3)Are you going to the CVS @ M-6/Byron Center?
4)Did you make 1 purchase and then go back for #2 and then go back for #3? I assume you you divided them just so that you could hit the $15 or $20 mark & use your CVS coupons?
I need to get back into the CVS deals. I haven't incorporated them into my shopping in a long time and after seeing your repeated deals, I think I'm missing out. :)
I love that CVS bought me a new toy, hoefully the hubby comes home with some batteries soon so I can try it out! Happy deal hunting!
That is some innovative shopping. :) And I don't even know what CVS is... will have to check it out when we move back to the states!
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