Monday, February 25, 2008

All right, this is the second time I am going to be posting this. I accidentally deleted all of this the first time around. Hopefully I can do this post without any major accidents.

Here are my deals for the week so far. First stop was at Rite Aid where I bought:
  1. 1 Lysol disinfectant spray
  2. 1 Garnier conditioner
  3. 1 4pk of lightbulbs
  4. 1 Crest Pro Health toothpaste
  5. 4 Jane makeup items
  6. 1 2pk GUM toothbrushes
Total was $32.18. Jane makeup was B1G1 and I had $17.74 in coupons. Total OOP was $10.41. There is a mistake on my receipt though and I will have to go back to fix it. One of the Jane makeups did not ring up as B1G1 despite what the sign directly underneath it said. :( So I will still get $2.24 back in cash hopefully. Also I will get back $7.48 after mail in rebates. So total OOP of pocket after MIR will be $2.93, and hopefully after $2.24 back from Jane makeup mistake, total will be $.69! Yeah!
Second stop was at CVS where I bought:
  1. 1 Schick Titanium razor
  2. 1 3pk of Irish Spring Soap bars
  3. 1 small Tresemme hair spray
Total was $12.48 after tax. I had $6.30 in coupons and used $5.29 in ECB's. I spent $.45 OOP and received $6.00 ECB.
Last stop was at Walgreens where I bought:
  1. 2 6pks of Charmin
  2. 1 Garnier hairspray
  3. 4 boxes of Life cereal
  4. 2 boxes of Celestial Seasonings Tea
  5. 1 Excedrin migraine
  6. 20 pks of seeds for my garden and flower beds
Total was $35.97 after tax. I had $10.46 in coupons and used $12.00 register rewards. Total OOP was $5.54. I will get $3.99 back after MIR and also fot $4.00 RR. I then turned around and used the RR's on 2 Crayola Color Wonders, 2 Hello Kitty dolls, and 1 bag of chocolate mints. I then spent $.48 OOP on that order. After all of that total cash OOP was $6.02. After MIR I will have spent $2.03 for everything. Yeah!
In conclusion... I spent $16.88. I still have $2.24 coming back in cash from Rite Aid and $11.47 after MIR. Total out of pocket once I receive the mail in rebates will be $3.17. And that $3.17 bought $80.63 worth of stuff.

Oh how I love getting good deals. And a huge part of knowing what is on sale is thanks to Money Saving Mom. If you don't read that blog, you should. Now. :) That is all for me tonight. Happy deal hunting this week!

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Wow, I'm impressed. I've never done the whole cvs/riteaid/walgreen savings thing. I'm sure it looks more complicated than it really is. Maybe I should just write down and buy everything that you do so I don't have to think so much. Pathetic, I know!
That is not pathetic! I pretty much go buy whatever deals are found on money saving mom and copy those. I figure any way that you can get stuff for as close to free as you can, you might as well take advantage and do it!
Impressive!! I'm only going to do the CVS game so I don't get "too" consumed with it, we have to do school sometime:)
Wow, I am humbled! THANKS so much for my nomination! How cool!

1 Peter 4:10

"Each one should use whatever gifts he or she received to serve others. Faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms."

Good job finding all the deals. I noticed all those coupons expired yesterday..bummer..I think I'm skipping CVS this week nothing I really need and the deals aren't that great. I'm hitting Target and Meijer this week that's it.
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