Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just a couple of pics of Ambry in the hot tub. Of course, in typical Ambry drama she quits her jumping around and laughing and has to break out the "poor me" pic routine.


Cute! Does Piper go in the hot tub yet? I can't remember at what age my kids started going in there. Biggie would just sit in his floatie and float around and eat snow.
I have put her in there for a couple of minutes, but she only likes it as long as I am holding her. She does NOT like her floatie at all! :)
Love the silly putty. Teaches hand coordination. Where's the pic of your beautiful plate you created?
Mmmmm that hot tub looks might inviting especially in this frigid weather. Hubby and I might have to pop over some night and go for a swim with ya:)
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