Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We made a trip to our a thrift shop near our house and I am sooo glad we did. We bought 2 books, a little ty beanie bear, a purple carebear that Piper would not let go of the entire time we were at the store, not even to let me pay for it, a barbie tea set, a towel holder for the main bathroom, a very ratty horse :(, the game Guestures, and my fav purchase? a very large tub of tinker toys. They are the plastic ones, but I thought it was too good a deal to pass up. Oh, and 2 bead necklaces for Ambry.
We got everything for $10.00! I thought it was a great deal. I probably could have bought more if the kids weren't ready to go home for lunch. I will have to go there again...maybe later! :) These deals make me miss garage sales so much but at least if you hit the day right at the thrift store, there are different parts of the store half off. Can't beat that.

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I love that store, last week I got a "new" purse and the James in the Gaint Peach movie for $1.59. Gotta love good deals.
I love thrift stores. In fact on Friday the boys and I are making our rounds to a bunch. We're just going to go all morning I have several things I'm keeping my eye out for. I'll have to hit the one by us too looks like you got some great deals. Those plastic tinker toys are the best. My kids have gotten several tins for their birthdays and it's the one thing they play with every single day.
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