Thursday, October 11, 2007

Here are the deals that are going on this month that I will be using at Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Rite Aid

  1. Pepcid AC-FREE after rebate
  2. Crest Pro Health mouthwash-FREE after rebate(also have coupon)
  3. Aquafresh toothpaste-FREE after rebate (also have coupon)
  4. Scope Whitenening Rinse-$1.50 rebate. Will check price before buying.
  5. Halls Pro-Health Defense-$2.00 rebate. Will check price before buying.

Next week they have some good rebates on cold medicines/defense stuff that will probably be free after rebate. I will check the prices though and see if it is worth buying.


  1. Ice Breakers gum. I have a $1.00 off coupon and a buy 1 get 1 free coupon.
  2. Crest toothpaste. 2 coupons also. Both for $1.00 off.
  3. Breath Again Sinus Spray-FREE after rebate
  4. Colgate Total-FREE after rebate
  5. Pepcid AC-FREE after rebate
  6. Garnier Fructis shampoo or conditioner, or deep conditioner-FREE after rebate
  7. Beano 2 Go-FREE after rebate
  8. Buckley's Chest Congestion-FREE after rebate
  9. Pert 2 n 1-$2.50 off rebate

That is it. Hopefully I will do better this month than last month. I have to admit though, that RIte Aid's rebate process is a lot better. Just go online and enter your receipt info and you're done. You will receive an email letting you know which items are valid. You can also enter more than one receipt. They have different deals there all month. Fun for me, although maybe not so much fun for others. Maybe you will find some good deals though that you just can't pass up. And if anyone knows where to find a Power Wheels for a good deal...PLEASE let me know! I'm having trouble finding one within a reasonable price range. Have a good Thursday!

And if anyone knows how to catch fruit flies, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


Have fun saving! Balsamic vinegar plus soap mixed together in a tiny bowl over night lessens the annoying fruit fly.
Do you use all the stuff you buy? Some of that stuff I'd never use but I know people get the deals and then donate it to a shelter or something like that. The shampoo I'd use I'll have to check that one out. Thanx for the info. Fruit flies are pesky critters aren't they Esther's trick sounds like it'd work...good luck.
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