Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Last night I got all of my pears done and canned. Yeah! Thanks to Esther stopping by and helping me out, I was only up to 1:00 last night. If she hadn't stopped by, I would probably have been up till at least 2:00. I got 28 jars done and all but one of them sealed. I will be happy if I don't have to ever peel another pear again! I seriously thought that my nose hairs had been singed with the smell of pears. I had to take a shower because I smelled like one giant sticky pear and also felt like one. While I was takinga shower I could still smell the pears. It was like they had attached their smell to me...permanently. Today is a little better, although it doesn't make me as happy as I had hoped when I looked at my jars of pears this morning. I think there should be more...lots and lots more! Oh well. At least we'll have some good fruit to eat this winter.

This past Saturday, Esther and I took the kids raspberry picking. I was really surprised that Ambry did as good as she did. She actually managed to pick quite a few. At least she enjoyed raspberry picking more than blueberry picking. We went for about an hour and picked about 5 pounds. I went back by myself later that afternoon and picked another 4 pounds. I froze two bags (1/2 gallon bags) of them and made jam out of the rest. Here are a couple pics of us picking raspberries.

Have a good Wednesday!


I saw all the pears sitting on your counter when I dropped off the books. I can't believe you got them all done in one night it looked like a lot of work. They sure will taste good this winter. I've never canned before maybe I'll try next year. I've been scoping out the clearance racks lately for a good deal on a canner and jars.
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