Thursday, August 23, 2007

We went to the fair last night. Ambry rode on the Ferris Wheel with Caleb! I could not believe she actually wanted to go on it, but she really loved it. She also got to go on a little mini roller coaster all by herself. Then we heard over the loud speakers that there was a thunderstorm warning issued and that it would reach the fairgrounds within 30 minutes. We really wanted to get an elephant ear to share and decided to wait in line to quick get one before we got rained on. There was a good 10 people in line in front of us and the wind was really starting to kick up, so we decided to race back to the car.

I dragged a crying Ambry away from the elephant ear stand and Caleb carried Piper. We had barely made it into the car, when the wind began swirling the dust around and signs started blowing over. It was unbelievable! We couldn't even roll our windows down because the car filled up with dust instantly. One minute the sky was a beautiful nighttime blue and then there was this black rolling cloud covering the entire sky. We finally made it out of the parking area and there were tree limbs down everywhere. It also started hailing on us when we were about halfway home. I don't think I have ever been so happy to see home. That kind of weather really scares me. I instantly think of tornadoes. I just feel so much safer in my home rather than my car. But we made it safely home...although without an elephant ear.
Piper waited so patiently while we were standing in line waiting for the Ferris wheel ride. She loved looking around at all the lights.

Isnt' this so sweet? Caleb went to bed with Piper and I thought they looked so cute all cuddled up. Gotta love those chunky cheeks of Piper's.
Thanks to Esther for the great idea, I saved snow this past winter for a day when playing outside just didn't seem to be a whole lot of fun. I only saved what could fit in one of Caleb's old lunch pails but that didn't seem to bother the kids. I gave them each a mixing bowl and a big metal spoon and let them go to work. They made mud slushies and mud pies and any other kind of mud concoction they could come up with. All in all, it was definitely a success!

Here's one of Ambry just laying in the grass. She wanted me to take one of her making a "snow angel". This would have been a cool picture if my shadow wasn't covering her. Oh well.

Have a good Thursday! :)


Your picture of Ambry laying in the grass in beautiful!! I was at the fair all day yesterday I pulled in my garage at 8:15 and saw the dark clouds rolling in. The kids had all just showered and were tucked into bed when the lightning and thunder started. I was very glad I was home already I was pooped from being there all day. I'm so glad you made it safely home and didn't get caught in all the rain with the little ones. Fri. night Ben and I are going back to the fair if you want to come? I have been saving my elephant ear treat for then all week so come and share with me..of course you have to buy your own elephant ear I don't share mine:) But we can share the experience..hahaha.I love those things!!
I love the elephant ears too! Isaac and I shared one, why I didn't have my own I don't know! Cute pics the one of Ambry is awesome!
Quit being such a sloth you have not posted a blog since the 23rd.


Sorry sis I just had to.
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