Friday, August 17, 2007

Here is a GREAT deal for those who live near a Meijer store. Right now they have Post cereal on sale for 4/$7.00. When you buy 4 items, you receive a free gallon of milk. So I bought 8 boxes of cereal and received 2 free gallons of milk (regular priced at $3.29). When everything was done and paid for I then also got $8.00 off of my next shopping purchase. With all that said, I paid out of pocket $14.00. But with the free milk worth $6.60 and then $8.00 back in coupons, I basically made $.60 cents or broke even if you count tax. Woohoo!!! I LOVE it when I can get good deals on stuff. Also, it didn't say anything about a limit on how many you can buy, so I am stocking up huge on cereal right now. Go to Biblical Womanhood for more great ideas on how to save.


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