Saturday, August 18, 2007

All right. Here is what I ended up getting at Walgreens:
  1. 3 tubes of Aquafresh toothpaste
  2. 2 cans of Raid
  3. 2 packs of Pledge wipes
  4. 2 bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
  5. 3 tube things of Lysol Sanitary wipes
  6. 1 bottle of Shout
  7. 1 Windex
  8. Bubbles for Ambry

After coupons, I paid $29.11. Not quite as good as I was thinking. Apparently I need to work on my adding skills. I will get $7.00 back in rebate form though. So I will end up spending out of pocket $22.11. Not near as good a deal as I was thinking. Oh well. Live and learn. I guess for the amount of things I got, it wasn't a terrible deal.

At Rite Aid, I got these items:

  1. 1 7UP 2 liter
  2. 1 Lady's Speed Stick
  3. 1 Duct tape
  4. 1 Clairol Nice 'n Easy
  5. 1 Colgate Total
  6. 1 Garnier Fructis Conditioner
  7. 1 2-pack GUM toothbrushes

After coupons, I paid $13.69. I enrolled in their online rebate form offer, which is so easy and the rebate will come back twice as fast. The only thing about Rite Aid that is different than Walgreens is that they won't let you use more coupons. What I am trying to say is that they won't let you make money basically on a product. Anyway, after I receive the rebate check from them, I should spend out of pocket $3.71. This was a little bit of a better deal at least.

For next time, I now have a better idea of prices of things. I think I will stick to Target for my cleaning supplies. It is still a better deal there with coupons and then I don't have to mess with any mail in rebates. Now I just need to get to CVS and see how their program works out.


My friend Sarah told me how the CVS thing works I won't try and explain it to you because I don't think I can..heehee. But it sounded like you could get some really great deals once you started going there. To bad we don't have one a little closer here. I shop mostly Meijer, Aldi and Costco and keep our grocery budget pretty good shopping those places. Happy deal hunting. Meijer has a few good deals today only I'm enroute soon.
I'm pretty streaky with my deal hunting, somedays I'm all about it other days its what's ever is easiest. I use vinegar to clean and use one bottle of laundry soap per month and some dish soap and shampoo not much else. The soaps have to be special along with toothpaste and such for the allergy thing.
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