Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WOW!!! Thanks for me reminding me, KK, that it has been a long while since I posted anything. Sorry! :( It has been a busy last couple of days. This past weekend I had my garage sale (did pretty well, too) and am now trying to clean everything up, resort, and start back over for this weekend. One more time before packing it up. I promised Caleb that this year I would bring $500.00 worth down to Goodwill and he said I can keep the rest for a fall garage sale. Yeah! I loooove having my garage sale. I also got "interviewed" on Monday night for a little two month old boy that I will be watching on Thursdays. All day! From 7:00 in the morning until 5:30 at night! A very long day! Oh well. I know I will probably have my hands full with a two month old and an almost eight month old, but I think I can handle it. Otherwise, KK, you know where you can come to hang out!

These last few days have been absolutely gorgeous here! High 70's which is very unusual for this time of year. Anyway, I have met more of my neighbours in this past week than I did the entire last summer we lived here. I had no idea there were so many kids in this neighborhood! Now I just need to try to remember their names.

I also have been a craigs list fiend these last couple days. I have been listing so much stuff for sale on there. I listed Ambry's bedroom stuff and got a hit on it in about half an hour of having it listed. They came the next night and looked at it and said they would take it. What?!? No trying to get me to go lower on the price? Nothing? I figured for sure they would try to get me to knock fifty bucks off of it or something. That's what I would have done. :) They are coming this Sunday to pick it up. So Ambry will be sleeping on her matresses on the floor for a little while until we get R.'s set.
Piper got her first tooth this past week also. A little one on the bottom. It always makes me so sad when they get that first tooth because I know they aren't the little baby anymore. Sad. I don't have a pic yet because when she smiles you still can't see it. I do have a pic of Ambry sleeping on the couch. You can see the sun shining on the back of her head. She was exhausted from her "first day of summer". I let her lay downstairs on Uncle Gerrit's pillow (she thought that was pretty special) and she was sleeping two minutes later. Hopefully I can take some more pics of the girls later! Hope you have a good Wednesday!

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Cute pic of Ambry! I have been really loving this weather you know me I"m an outdoor finatic. Of course the inside of the house tends to suffer but I've been keeping up so far. I ran past your house yesterday and saw Ambry outside. I was going to stop and say hi but I was dripping with sweat and very stinky thought I might scare her:) Call me when it's warm again and I'll meet you at the park. Ben and I walked down with the boys last night and it was so busy..quite a popular park.
What a cutie! I miss you guys. I feel like I am never over at your house anymore. by the way, who's two babies are you going to begin watching? you said a two month old and an eight month old ( were you talking about Piper) she is almost eight months, isn't she? Well, I love you guys lots, see you soon.
Piper is al almost eight months. I will be watching a little boy who is two months. I just meant that I will have two little ones, instead of one. But it is only one day a week. :)
This weather has been awesome, hasn't it? I got the garage cleaned and the grasses in our landscaping all trimmed and the kids have been loving it. The only problem they think it's summer now and want to know when the baby is coming.
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