Sunday, February 04, 2007

This is what we woke up to this morning.
Check out that huge overhang of snow! None of that was really there last night. That is how much more snow we got and how much the wind was blowing around existing snow. It is unbelievable out here! All of the malls were shut down, a ton of churches were closed already last night, all school activities were closed, police had shut down major highways at quite a few spots, the airport was snowed in--Caleb had to take a train to get home--and there was even a rumour going around that if police caught you out on the road they were handing out tickets for driving out there after them having issued a warning that there was to be no one out on the road except for emergencies. Crazy!
Check out how much more snow we got on our patio table now since last night. There is about 3-4 feet of snow on our deck right now. It is terrible out on the roads right now still. We got ready for church, all packed in the car and bundled up. I had blankets, snacks, and water packed in case we got stuck anywhere...and we did get the end of our street! It took about three minutes for Caleb to finally get us unstuck and meanwhile I am having a panic attack. I can NOT stand driving in the snow/riding in the snow!!! I do NOT like it! So I have my little panic attack and Caleb brings the girls and me back home and he goes to church by himself. He made it there and back safe and sound, but he was gone a good 45 minutes longer than normal. We definitely won't be leaving our house anytime soon for anything...or at least I won't be! :) Stay safe out there if anyone else has been receiving this terrible weather!


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