Saturday, February 03, 2007

The weather out here has been terrible! Caleb is supposed to come back from San Diego today and I just don't think it is going to happen. He flies into Chicago and I don't think he'll have a problem getting there, but I definitely think he will have a hard time getting home. We are now under a blizzard warning until 10:00 pm and we are supposed to see upwards of eight inches yet today. It is crazy!

The first pic is looking out my front window. And, no, my window is not fogged up. That is snow. That is actually a pretty clear pic too, because it actually is snowing more than that right now.

Check out all that snow! Ambry definitely won't be going out today. Our temp is supposed to feel like 20 to 30 below zero what with the windchill. The actual temp outside won't reach above 10 degrees today! Nasty cold out there. My poor brother has been out plowing since 1:30 in the morning and said he'll be stopping by here for breakfast around 10:00 and then has to head right back out again to start his route over again. Poor guy is going to be exhausted by the time he gets it all done. I think today is one of those days where it is just nice to cuddle up together in front of the fire and try to keep warm. Hope you stay warm today!


It's this weather amazing. We get no snow till end of January and then it just doesn't stop. I mentioned to the hubby about repairing the starter on our gas fireplace just in case the power goes out for some reason. Hopefully the boys get in today. I looked on the airport website and says everything is on schedule, how I don't know. We'll be praying for safe travel. Stay warm.
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