Monday, February 26, 2007

Conversation with Ambry

We were taking a shower this morning and here is what she said:

A: "Did God make my belly?"
M: "Yes, He did."
A: "Did God make my toes?"
M: "Yes, He did."
A: "Did God make my legs?"
M: "Yes, He did."
A: "Did God make your toes?"
M: "Yes, He did."
A: "Did God make your CHUNKY legs?"
M: "Yes, He did."

Thank you to Ambry for making me feel oh so good about my body. Just when I think I have enough issues, she raises another one to my attention.


They say the darnest things don't they? When I told the kids about the baby, I said it would take a long time and my belly had to get really big first. Racky said, "as big as grandma's?" Lovey never, never, say that to grandma. "But why?".
Comments around here are usually directed at my dearth of "upper body" parts. Now what does a 3 yr old know about that? Sheesh. Dontcha just love the humiliation?
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