Thursday, January 04, 2007

Are you wondering what all of this stuff is???

Here is what we have:

1. 6 bottles of Similac formula

2. 1 Soft & Dri deoderant

3. Move Free muscle relaxer

4. Pedia Care

5. Dove moisturizing hand wash.

6. Purell hand sanitizer

7. 3 sport Playtex tampons

8. Mario Badescu skin care (Cucumber cleansing lotion, enzyme cleansing gel, ceramide herbal eye cream, collagen moisturizer, flower and tonic mask, and almond and honey non-abrasive face scrub)

9. 2 8oz. cans of similac powder formula(forgot to put in picture)

This is all stuff that I have gotten free in the last week. Pretty cool, huh?!! I love getting surprises in the mail. There have been a few other things I have gotten as well, but they were just little stuff. So let me remind you again, Fat Wallet is a great place to sign up for things. You may not get everything that you sign up for, but as you can see, you will get quite a bit. As I get other things, I will let you know. That way you can see which companies are the best to participate with.


That's a ton of stuff!! I signed up for some tea and other stuff, I can't remenber what, so we'll see what show up in the weeks to come.
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