Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ambry has mollescum contagiousum...or in lamen's terms, a form of warts. Caleb is gone on business. I had to work on Friday and Monday which has left my house in a war zone state of disorder. It also has developed a smell and I can't find it! Piper is getting her diaper rash again. Need I go on? I am in awe of moms who work and then come home and have kids to feed and bathe, a house to clean, and themselves to take care of. How they do it is beyond me.

I can not WAIT for Caleb to come back home to us. I pray that he will be returned safely. I don't like being this long without him. I miss him too much. I am glad now that Gerrit is living with us for the time being so I don't have to be lonely, but it is just so sad when Ambry gets tucked in bed and she asks where daddy is. Then the tears come and she wants her dad. Poor thing. She just doesn't have any concept of time yet. To her two minutes is the same as 2 days. She just doesn't get it.

On top of all of it, it is snowing like crazy over here. I'm talking big huge flakes of snow that don't look to have an end in sight. Since last night, we have gotten about a half a foot of snow out there. With Caleb not being here, there is no one to drive me around. I do NOT drive in snow. Ever. Never. I can't do it, I don't like it. So on top of being here without Caleb, I am now "snowed in"! I really hope the snow stops soon and we can go to Target and walk around with some "cockcorn and slushies" as Ambry calls it. Oh the things you look forward to now that you have little ones. :)

Sorry about all the complaining. Hope you have a good Tuesday!

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The weather guy last night said one inch- HA more like 1 foot. Okay maybe a slight exaggeration but we got at least six inches and it keeps coming. The roads really aren't too bad, the plows have been busy. I second you on the working mom thing. My house is a wreck and thats just because we did school and went to the store I can't image working. Reminds me I have to work two days next week- why oh why do I say yes. Well hopefully time flies for you and Ambry. Biggie didn't get it either when Isaac was gone, poor things. If you get bored come on over.
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