Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Many Uses of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide...(I looked up uses on the internet. I don't just know these off the top of my head) :)
  1. Mouthwash-gurgle with this every morning or night to kill bacteria. It can also whiten teeth if done regularly.
  2. Make toothpaste by mixing baking soda with peroxide until it forms a paste. Then brush away.
  3. Soak toothbrush in it to kill germs and bacteria.
  4. While in the shower, mist your body down after washing. It will replace the acid mantel on your skin that soap removes. The acid mantle protects the skin from wind and pollution.
  5. Use it for acne. Wash your face and neck with it to dry the oil out of your skin.
  6. Add 2 oz. to dishwasher to sanitize and eliminate cold germs.
  7. Use 1 pint in a gallon of water in humidifier. It helps keep mechanisms clean and cuts down on hard water build up.
  8. Use to clean counters to sanitize and kill cold germs.
  9. Make a 50/50 mixture with water and hydrogen peroxide and soak your feet in it to eliminate toe fungus.
  10. If you have a terrible toothache and can't get to the dentist immediately, swish with hydrogen peroxide, hold it in your mouth for ten minutes and then spit. Do this a couple times a day and it will help relieve the pain.
  11. You can use 10% hydrogen peroxide to kill weeds. You can buy it at a feed store at 30% and then dilute it. Be careful though, because it can burn your skin and eyes.
  12. If you are a fisher, add 2-3 cap fulls to a bucket of minnows to keep them alive longer. (I suppose you don't have to be a fisher, but I don't know any other reason to have a bucket full of minnows. Maybe I will have to search that next and see if I can find other uses for minnows.)
  13. Use a mixture of salt and hydrogen peroxide in chilled water to wash meat and rid it of bacteria and viruses.

There are still other uses, but those are some that I thought were pretty useful. I had no idea there were that many for hydrogen peroxide.


Sharon, Hey never knew there is so many uses for perioxide I had to use it to rinse and gargle in my mouth when I had stitches one time it was so discusting I gagged every time I had to do it. I thought I'd tell you about a yahoo group called freecycle that you can join. It's only local people from GR and you can search free free stuff that you might need like snow pants for kids etc. and they will give you a list of people in your area that have some for free you can pick up. You can also list things on it to get rid of for free. My friend just told me about it I joined we'll see what's out there for free.

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