Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I got lots of cool things in the mail today. My cards from Winkflash arrived today!! I just ordered them on Friday. Talk about some good service. I also signed up at Fat Wallet for free stuff, and I got two free cans of formula from Similac to try. There are all kinds of free things to sign up for at Fat Wallet. They have coupons, good deals, and a bunch of other cool things on their website. I also followed some links to some other websites--Free STuff Hunter, Start Sampling, Hampton Store, My Savings, and My Town Offers--and signed up to try stuff for free. There is no buying or sign up fee or anything like that. Just completely free! Very cool. I am going to have to wait and see what all comes from Free Stuff Hunter. I signed up to try some of the Swiffer stuff, some Tide detergent, hair stuff from Sunsilk, and a couple other things. I know from Fat Wallet, I got just about everything that I signed up for from free panties to perfume, to household cleaning things. You have to kind of pick through the junk offers, but I think it is definitely worth it if you have a little bit of free time.

Caleb and I got our car back yesterday and it looks great. The body shop that we had it at--West River Collision--did an awesome job! My car had so much junk it--I know, Mom, big surprise right?--they put it all in a bag and tied it up all nice in the back seat and vacuumed everything out. Then they washed it, which hadn't been done in probably a good 3-5 months. They even cleaned out my cup holder which was extremely disgusting! (I know Mom and Jeff you are not suprised at all by this). So if anyone ever needs body work done, this is definitely the place to bring it. We were very impressed with the job they did.

Caleb has had to have major dental work done in the last two years of our marriage and let me say that stuff adds up extremely quick. We finally just got done paying it all off--about $9000.00 worth--and it is the best feeling ever. Now we are switching over to a new dentist, a Dr. Monsma. I had my first appointment with him today and if anyone is looking for a good, and seem to be honest dentist, this guy if definitely for you. His office isn't the most up to date technological thing ever, but I think he makes up for that by being thorough and honest. His prices are great too. Now you have heard my little promotion speech, I think that is all :)

Have a great Tuesday!


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