Saturday, December 09, 2006


So Caleb, the kids, and I made the trek up to Super Target last night. Of course we waited until about 8:00 pm to go, but, oh boy, was it worth it! I found here some coupons to Super Target and thought we should make the drive out there since we are having a small army over on Sunday for lunch. And it was so worth it! I got ten boxes of mac and cheese, three things of salsa, cheese salsa, one pkg. of lg tortillas, two pkgs. of small tortillas, one small of wheat tortillas, hot chocolate, jalapenos, a box of brownie mix(oh boy...are you so excited for bownies, Esther?), red vine licorice, cherry cordials, and ketchup. Quite a bit of stuff. It all rang up to $29.06. I handed the cashier my three pages of coupons, and the total...$14.06!!! Can you believe that? Caleb and I were amazed at how much we saved by using those coupons. The boxes of mac and cheese really were $.10 a box per that link above like it said. I am going back today to stock up. Not the healthiest food in the world, but when you're on a budget, it sure does the trick. I think I'll just throw in some brocolli and meat, and voila, we've got dinner. So if you need an awesome deal on some food, go to the link above and head on out to Super Target! It is so worth it to go!


Hey woman you guys made out like a bandit. Don't ya just live good deals. I miss the mac and cheese meals. A can of tuna, some frozen peas, and a can of cream of mushroom soup so easyyyyyyyyyy and I love peas so the more the merrier. I haven't been to discount foods new place is it nice? Yes brownies sound delicious, probably too good. Keep up the good deals. TTYL Esther
Discount Foods is basically a giant warehouse and a lot of the goods are still in their boxes---kind of like Wiseman's but nicer. They have just about everything there. Caleb and I were pretty impressed with how clean it was and how many different things they had. I will definitely be going there again.
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