Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ambry's B-day

Ambry really wanted a sleepover for her birthday. She requested 11 girls. I narrowed it down to 7...because, 7 is still an insane amount of girls! Here is a closeup of her sleepover cake.

Rosie, Ambry, and Emmy all posing with her cake.

Aunt and niece...still can't believe that! These two are so cute together!

A pic of all the girls at her sleepover...minus Kasey, who was maybe too cool to get in on all that girly action. :)

More pics to come later! Thanks to all the girls who made it to Ambry's sleepover! I hope they had as much fun as she did.

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Thanks for having Lula over, she had a blast! She somehow thinks that she too is having a birthday party!??
Fun for you! :)
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