Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some very overdue family pics from our mini vacay

Good grief, have I ever been horrible at posting anything on here. With starting the new school year, trying to have what seems to be the never ending garage sale due to weather, attempting to keep my house clean, need I go on? I just don't seem to have as much time to post pics on here. I need to get back on my schedule that I so neatly wrote out before we began school.

I love Ambry's pose here. She looks so sweet.

It was a bummer the sun was so bright that day. We all have sun glare faces. Oh well. At least I got some fairly decent family pics. :)


Best looking family EVER!!!!...and kindest. I love you all soooo much!!
Aunt KK
Can't believe you LET Caleb wear a hat:-) I like the lighthouse one best.
I know!!! That hat is the worst but he said his hair was too long to do it. Oh well, what do you do? I kind of figured a family pic with an ugly hat in it is better than no family pic. :)
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