Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Piper, the soccer player

Piper watching her teammates play and then looking at me when I am "very nicely" telling her to run after the ball.

Piper waiting for her turn to get back in the game.

Piper is #5 for her first year of soccer which she loves since she is 5. :)
And, of course, a little hip action for her pic. Silly girl can't take a pic without popping a hip.


Sweet Pippi! I heard she isn't too aggressive at soccer, kind of a surprize.

Love the hip action.
She is more into whispering secrets to teammates. I think part of it is she jsut isn't too sure what exactly she is supposed to do yet. Maybe she'll get better as the season goes on. :) Either way, it is hillarious to watch them play!
Piper, I love you! Last picture says it all. So spunky! :-) Thanks for posting. Keep them coming!
Aunt KK
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