Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Piper's Birthday Party...continued

The kids all played a balloon game for Piper's birthday party. I blew up about 40 balloons, threw them all out on the slip-n-slide, and the kids had to grab a balloon, and try to pop it by sitting on it. They had a blast and the adults had fun watching them slip all over and try to pop the balloons.

Check out Piper's face here...such joy! And she only managed to pop one balloon! So much fun!

The reason for the very wet and green looking yard? It downpoured right up the start of Piper's party and the rain really didn't stop until about a half hour after her party started. The kdis didn't care. They went on the slip-n-slide while it was still drizzling and by the time they wanted to take a break and jump in the pool, the rain had completely stopped.


I love the first photo in which Racky looks like an Ethiopian:-) Thanks for have such a fun party the kids thought it was grand!
Best game ever!

Luv, Kasey
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