Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fun with Play-Doh

It isn't often that I take down the bin of play-doh. I can't stand the sticky mess it makes and then all of the hard crumbles it makes once it dries. But every once in a while, the kids catch me and I feel that I must say "yes" to them. So here are the girls with some of their creations.

First up is Piper with her many "cupcakes" and "delicious cookies".

Ambry's "cake".

And, of course, a pic of her and her "cake".

Imagine how long it took for them to separate all of the colors again. Neither of my girls can just shove the used pieces of play-doh back into their little bins. They do NOT like the colors getting mixed so everything must be painstakingly taken apart and put in it's proper place. How I wish they were like that with their room!


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