Thursday, July 21, 2011

The kidlet's new-to-us playhouse

After taking off a week of no blogging...we just didn't have much going on over here :) I thought I would post a couple pics of the kids playhouse being moved into the backyard. Caleb got a skidster from work, hacked a bunch of low hanging branches down, took out the fence, took down my clothes line pole, I dug up a bunch of flowers, shoveled out the sand for beneath the house...need I go on? Anyway, after all of that, the house was able to moved into the backyard.

And here is a pic of a little "friend" that hopped a ride all the way from where we picked the house up from and then the following 15 miles or so back to our house. I can't believe that it stayed on the house that whole time!

And, of course, I have no pics of the playhouse in its current location in our backyard. So I will take some more pics later on. Not to mention, I can take pics of the inside once it is all cleaned out--insert icky spiders here--and with its new paint job.


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