Wednesday, May 04, 2011

After the flood...

If you live anywhere around here chances are you had some pretty good "lakes" by your house. We had a good size one between the side of our driveway and our neighbor's yard. And what started out with the girls walking through it became a huge splash fest.

Piper digging her boot out after it became stuck in the mud. I'm really hoping we didn't permanently damage their yard!

Sisterly love.

Hugs from Piper turn into...

Drama! That child is such a stinker when it comes to taking pics!
And if you could only see the ones that I quick snapped in the garage when they were changing out of their clothes. Sweet Ambry and all her modesty and Piper turning around and asking me to take a pic of her butt! That child seriously spells trouble!


I love the title. Hope the waters have receeded.
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