Friday, April 01, 2011

I "HEART" Scrabble Tiles!
I own 3 Scrabble games. Not sure why, but I got sick of seeing all of the individual games, not to mention some of them were missing a couple tiles. So I kept one in it's box, and emptied the rest of the tiles into a canning jar and put them on a shelf in the living room. Why, you ask? Well, just because. And it makes spelling fun for Ambry. And it encourages Piper to want to learn her letters. And just because I wanted to. :) And here is another use for them. Here is my view out of one side of my kitchen window. It says "smile" because sometimes I just need to be reminded. And a rock on the other side that Piper painted. On the other window sill--that I didn't take a picture of because my camera suddenly decided to die--is the word "pray" because, again, sometimes I just need to be reminded. Hope you are having a great, sunny April 1st!

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