Friday, March 11, 2011

Remodel continued...
Wow! 2 weeks of self-imposed distance from the internet and there are suddenly over a thousand emails to go through, tons of pictures to edit, and facebook updates galore. Of course, I can do without all the facebook updates, because if I see one more misspelled word, I just might scream. What are the schools doing to kids these days?? Good grief!

Our house is coming along nicely though. All of the wood floor is in now and we are waiting on getting doors painted and hung, trim primed, painted, and put back on just in Kobe Dean's room. The girls room is pretty much all done except for pictures hung. The same with our room and the living room. Now it is on to touch ups and cleaning up the huge mess. Super fun! Here are a couple pics of the girls room all finished.

Here is a random pic of the hall way as Caleb was finishing putting the flooring in. I still need to paint the trim around the bathroom door and the window in there. Boo!
I have lots more pics to come! So stay tuned. :)


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