Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ambry turns 7!!!

Where does the time go?!? I still can not believe that I have a 7 year old. No picture with a cake this year for Ambry. We baked a bunch of muffins and off she went to school for the day. I don't think she could have had a happier day. Just for fun, here are 7 little tidbits about Ambry:

  1. She is a little mother...she is more than willing to try to change a diaper or wipe her sister's buns. :)
  2. She is as sweet as they come. She LOVES her hugs--giving or receiving them!
  3. She is a reader.
  4. She likes to stay up late with her mom.
  5. Her idea of a good time is playing games with the whole family.
  6. Her favorite color is blue.
  7. Her favorite food is sloppy joes.

I love you Bry! Hopefully we will be blessed with many birthdays yet to come!


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