Monday, May 10, 2010

A Trip to the Gardens...continued for the last time :)

Finally! The end of the pics from the Gardens. Here is one of the girls with what we called swans. Not too sure what they really were. :)

Another cool one of the swans. I loved these colors together.

Gotta love Ambry's face on this one. At this point both of the girls were getting a little tired of me having them pose for pictures.

And then Piper needed to copy her big sister.

And one last one. They aren't looking at the camera but I still love how it turned out.
Whew! I didn't realize how many pics I actually took until I loaded all of them onto the computer. Yikes! I didn't realize how much snapping of pics I really did. Oh well. At least we had bunches of fun and we all got to see some really neat stuff.

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