Friday, May 07, 2010

A Trip to the Gardens...continued...again...
I think I am nearing the end of the pics...I think. :) Anyway, check out this gigantic piece of art. I just think this stuff is so amazing! The girls even loved checking out all the pieces. They thought it was so cool that it was all made of glass.

It reminds me of a big ball of fire.

Ignore my absolute giganticness (is that even a word) in this pic and it wouldn't be too bad of a pic. At least the girls and the tree look good. :)

A huge spiral column of glass with a huge spade in the background. I have always thought that spade was a very strange piece of art. I mean, seriously, it is just a gigantic shovel. The glass thing is way cooler. But that is just my opinion. And just an idea on size, I would say this thing has to be around 20 feet tall!

Piper by a very creepy looking gigantic spider. Yuck! But she liked it. Go figure. :)

Another pic of Ambry by the waterfall.
LOVE Piper's big brown eyes here. I think this is the only pic I got of her with her eyes open. Little stinker.

I think I am nearing the end of my pics from the Gardens. If not, too bad so sad because that is the only cool place we have gone lately where I actually had my camera with me. So you're stuck looking at yet more pics from there. Hehe!

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That is some seriously cool art! Keep the pics coming!
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I love love love the pic of the girls smelling the flowers and the pic of you three all in your flip flops. So cute! :-)
P.S. Bre and Pip are getting so old!
Aunt KK
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