Monday, May 03, 2010

A Trip to the Gardens

I LOVE going to the gardens and checking out all the cool art they have there. The girls love to go to the Children's Garden. We also got to check out the butterfly exhibit they had there--it was the last day of the exhibit. As a bonus it was also the first day of the Chihuly exhibit. Chihuly is a glass artist who makes amazing pieces of art.

The girls by the "rock candy on a stick" least that is what we called it. :)

Those "leafs" that are floating in the water are made of glass. Amazing!

There were a couple of these vases with flowers--all made of glass--in the conservatory (where the butterflies were).

An actual butterfly! This is one of the biggest ones. If I remember right they can be anywhere from 8 to 12 inches!

Another glass vase with flowers.
Our picnic spot outside in an area of the children's garden.

Whew! Apparently I took more pics than I thought. There will definitely be more to come. This wasn't even half of them!!! Good grief!

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