Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Round 4 of vacay pics. And this is it. Lots and lots all one post but at least this is the end of them. :)
Racky on the boogie board.

One more pic of Racky on the boogie board.

Ambry on the boogie board.

Ambry wiping out. She made it up on her knees and she was so bummed that I didn't get a pic of her doing that. Unfortunately this is all I got. Sorry Ambry!

The girls by the "lava with the money in it" as Piper called it. It really was just water with red lights in it and people threw coins in there.

Lula, Piper, and Ambry on our last morning there.
Piper and me with our coffee. Yes, Piper really does have coffee in her cup. Yes, it is less than a quarter full. Yes, I know coffee is not good for you. All of that aside, I love these pics of her and me. I think it is cute. "Momma, can I PWEASE have toffee with milk with you?"

Ambry completely zonked out on the ride home holding one of her favorite library books.

Piper simply folded right over taking a nap.

And our last view of half of the water park. Yes, that is how big this place was. There were more slides around the back of the building and this is maybe half of the building. That isn't counting the rooms! Gigantic I tell you!
And this concludes the pics of our mini vacay! One, or should I say, two things we learned while on vacay...both of our children get carsick. Such a bummer, but at least we know now.

Thanks Esther and family for letting us tag along on vacay! We had a blast!

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Sorry but I'm so glad you had the up chuckers in your car and not mine! I would have thrown up with them:)
Right?!? I told Caleb that next time I am packing the puke bags. And having a roll of paper towels in the car...tissues just don't quite cut it!
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