Saturday, December 12, 2009

Round 2: Vacay pics. :) Ready for some more? Too bad if you're not because that is what you'll be seeing anyway. Here are Caleb and Piper going out into the wave pool. Ambry is somewhere way out there. She did awesome with no lifejacket. I couldn't believe how well she did.

Piper and Lettie hanging out together on "the shore".

Piper loved this turtle that shot water out of it's mouth.
I think I told her at least 20 times "Do NOT drink the water!!!"

Here she is sitting on the turtle.

Last but not least, here is Piper floating in the water. She would seriously lay like this for what seemed like forever. You can't see the rest of her legs, but would also cross her feet. :)
And I think that is enough pics for Round 2. Round 3 to come later!

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We'll have to try to go again next year, but there will be EIGHT kids then, and I thought six was crazy!
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