Thursday, October 22, 2009

My oh my. It has been a while again. I think I will start with Rosie and Ambry's birthday. Saturday we went out with Jeff, Kasey, and Rosie for a birthday dinner. Of course, I forgot my camera. :( Monday was Rosie's birthday and Ambry's on Tuesday.
On Rosie's birthday, we surprised Rosie at her school on her birthday. So here are some pics from that.

And 1 of Kasey playing kickball. She really wanted a pic of that, so here you go, gorgeous!

Ambry's birthday fell on Tuesday and we had a tea party and cup cake decorating party. There are no pics of the girls and their tea, because Lindzi and Sage didn't like it and because Ambry decided she wanted to play with them rather than drink her tea. :)
Here is Piper licking the cake batter. Yes, I know, very bad. :)
Ambry and Lindzi decorating their cup cakes.
Ambry and Sage decorating their's.

Piper with her little cupcake.

And then licking all the sprinkles off her fingers. Yuck!

She, apparently, thought they were very good.
And now she is made because she is all sticky. :)

Lindzi with her finished cupcakes...

Ambry with her's...

Sage with her's...

And lastly, Piper with her's. Gotta love that face. And the sprinkles all around the mouth. :)
I think I will stop there. Yes, there are more from Ambry's birthday party. I will put those up tomorrow. I think that is enough pics for today. :)

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Love the pictures, Sharon! Thanks for updating your blog FINALLY! :) I love how you can't even see their cupcakes..they're all frosting!! yummy :)
Also, love Piper's face in the last picture. What a character. Can't wait until you have another one of those runnin around. :) or maybe a "lil Caleb" oh boy!!
I know you know who this is,if not... lots of love from your dear sister Kaylynn
Thanks for having Sage over, she loved it and wants to do the same thing for her birthday!
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