Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Just a quick example of how ridiculously stubborn I can be. I suppose my very frugal nature has something to do with it too. :)

I refuse to use my dryer! And until Caleb gets home from out of town at the end of the week, his ladder and some twine are serving a good purpose as my laundry drying rack. I also managed to string some pieces up downstairs. As probably everyone from this area knows, every day for the last week or two has had a chance of rain. I don't want to hang up my clothes outside only to have to take it all down an hour later.
Yes, I know, I could use my dryer, but I have come to LOVE the feel of air dryed clothes. So very fresh smelling too. So for now I will use his ladder and see how long the clothes takes to dry out in my garage. :)


I dont know what you would call that but I don't think it's stubborn...possibly the word you're looking for is looney. :) just kidding. That is actually very creative. Nice work, Sharon!

P.S. Give me a call sometime. Miss you :(
Haha! Thanks KK. I meant I was being stubborn since I refuse to use my dryer. I have decided I don't like it anymore and don't want to use it. Between the ladder in the garage and my two strings downstairs I managed to get 3 loads of wash hung. :)
Nice! I have reverted back to the dryer because I always feel like I'm behind with line drying. I know dumb, its something I need to get over because I feel the need to turn the heat on soon.
You're all looney! use the dryer!!!! lol
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