Thursday, September 10, 2009

A quick trip to the beach with just the girls and I...and we run into Poppa and Grandma and Lindzi! The girls couldn't have been happier. What started out as a late dinner picnic turned into a boat ride and a late night watching the musical fountain. So much fun!

Can you see Piper's happiness here? (insert sarcasm) She was having so much time popping out of the cutty and playing with Grandma.
Then she wanted to try to climb out and sit up top. One little let gets out...
...and up she pops! She was so happy she could do it all by herself!
Piper and the sunset. Little stinker wouldn't look at me.
Poppa swining Piper in the water. She wanted to go swimming so bad.
Thanks Poppa and Grandma and Lindzi for taking us out on the boat. We loved it! Although I think we need a new pick up spot. Pier walls are not meant to be climbed down while in a skirt. :)


Looks like fun!
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