Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just a quick update here. Lots of running around today to do--library, Meijer, mall, etc. But I wanted to put up at least one of my before and after pics. This is a corner of my kitchen that I was using to put Ambry's school books and my coupons. It was overrun with my coupons and no organization at all to put it all in order. I am happy to say that this corner now makes me happy. All put together and most importantly, Ambry's school stuff all has an organized place.

Here is the before pic:

And the after. Even the lighting is better! See? It is a happy corner. :)
Coupons are now in two boxes rather than one very overrun box. I repurposed some boxes from the post office rather than buying some pretty baskets. The top basket is one that was in the girl's room and not being used. All of Ambry's school stuff is on top. Playdough is in the basket on the left along with all the utensils they use with it. On the left is their painting supplies. Oh the happiness!
Did you tackle anything this week? If so, post pics! It is always fun to share what you did (or last fun for me) to be able to show what you did or to see what others did. Because if your husband is anything like mine, he probably won't even realize what you did. :)

I will hopefully post my ending budget for this week. If it wasn't for a garage sale yesterday...oh well. I am learning more about my spending habits than ever before! More to come later!

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