Monday, September 28, 2009

Here is our menu for this week. There were some of you who were curious about what we eat since all I really bought last week were chocolate covered pretzels and corn. :) Or very close to that at least.

Sunday was grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches. Easy, peasy for a Sunday night.
Monday will be chicken, potatoes (from Costco last week) and asparagus (frozen from earlier in the summer).
Tuesday will be chicken enchiladas. Again, I have all these ingredients and don't need to buy anything.
Wednesday will be pork loin, potatoes, and brocolli.
Thursday will be our hodge podge night. We will eat whatever leftovers there are and maybe make some grilled sandwhiches.
Friday is always up in the air. We like to go out with friends or have people over so we never know what we are going to have.

The way I can shop now is to just stock up on sale items. About every 3 weeks I buy meat unless it goes on sale before then. A couple of weeks ago, Tilapia was on sale at Meijer for $2.99 a pound so I bought 6 bags of it (sold in 1lb bags) of it. We eat about three quarters of a bag at dinner, and just save the rest. But this is why you see very strange shopping habits from me. I don't go on regular shopping trips.
Snacks around here are pretty irregular too. This week will be Fiber bars, dried cranberries, yogurt, pears, 100 cal snack bags, dry cereal (since I have TONS of that), peaches, and maybe bananas if I go shopping later this week. And if we run out of any of that there is more to be had in my storage. I will probably have to go on a fruit run, but bananas should be about all I will buy.
Hopefully I will have pics up tomorrow of the insane amount of deals that I got yesterday. Good stuff...too bad it just comes to so much out of pocket. :( Oh well. The girls and I had a lot of fun shopping and running around.

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The menu looks tasty!
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