Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Really, 2 days in a row, Piper? At least no one can say she doesn't have personality/character! This is how I found her watching a movie with Ambry. Purple swimming goggles and cheesy chex mix.
This is her "can't you see I'm busy Mom?" face.

Showing me her chex mix. :)

She's special all right. :)
If I took pictures of all the things this girl does...my computer would be seriously overloaded with pictures. Just yesterday, she got into my face lotion and I caught her behind the chair in the living room smearing it all over her face, arms, and legs. Next she got into the chapstick stack and put "lipstick" everywhere. At least she only applies it to herself and not everywhere else. A day in the life of Piper is definitely an interesting one. :)


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