Tuesday, June 09, 2009

We are off camping this week! Yeah! But I found a local coffee shop that sells yummy coffee--what else?--and also has free internet connection. So I am sitting here updating my blog and eating a HUGE cookie in the shape of a flip flop with Ambry. :)

Ambry had her dance recital this past Saturday. She did so good. We had conveniently lost our video camera--insert sarcasm here--and I was not able to video tape her but at least I got lots of pics. Unfortunately none of the ones on stage of her turned out but they will be putting up ones of the girls onstage taken by a professional photographer so hopefully some of those turned out.

Ambry all ready to go. She looks so grown up!

Ambry and Allie.

Ambry, Allie, Annika, and Sarah.

Katia, Ambry, and Annika practicing their posing.
Ambry getting home and coming up the front walk to find flowers from Poppa and Grandma.

Here she was getting ready to smell the flowers. If I had time I could fix the ones of her looking so excited when she saw the flowers. The color is all crazy on them. :(

And since I'm not sure when I will have time again, here are a couple of pics from camping. Caleb really wants to go golfing while we are camping and since there wasn't a whole lot of room to store golf clubs, here is where they ended up. :)

Piper didn't want to wait for a roasted marshmallow, so she grabbed one while I wasn't looking and shoved the whole thing in her mouth.

Typical Piper. Flipping her hair over her shoulder.

Running down to the water...

...running away from the water! It is only 54 degrees right now! I'd be running too. :)

Both girls sleeping in the stroller after a bike ride. And yes I know, Ambry is getting way too big for the stroller. She is a big scaredy cat though and won't learn how to ride a bike. :) Little stinker. Hopefully this summer she will learn though, since I don't think the stroller is going to be able to support her for too much longer.

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Love the pics. Hope you're having a great time!! :)
Cute pictures! Have fun!
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