Sunday, June 28, 2009

On our last day of vacation, we went to the Feast of the Strawberry Moon. I'm not sure why they call it that since it had nothing to do with strawberries. There were people all dressed up in costumes from the 18th century. Here is a brief description from their website:

This 18th Century living history event re-creates life here when fur trading was our principal industry. Re-enactors portray life here between 1760-1820. This family event includes children's games, candle making, tomahawk throw, 18th Century entertainment, demonstrations, military battles and a taste of 18th Century foods.

Here is a pic of the event that was going on at noon. It was a contortionist/clown and his "owner". The clown was juggling while standing on the owner's shoulders.

Here the clown has 3 flaming torches that she juggled while standing on the owner's belly. You can see him doing a back bend in back of her.

The girls and Caleb making their own candles.

And this says it all. An awesome vacation, but tiring. Poor Piper fell asleep on the way home and couldn't be woken up for anything. :)

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