Friday, May 22, 2009

A day at the "zoo"...or sort of since we forgot to check hours and it ended up being an hour at the jungle gym at the zoo. :)

Piper cleaning her feet. She can not stand for the to be dirty. The slightest piece of dirt on her feet and it is a serious trauma to her. :)

This was where she went to clean off her feet. :)

Ambry and Sage hiding from the boys.
Violet being Violet.

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Piper's "baby" taking a nap. Yes, I know, pointless pic but I couldn 't resist. I think it is so cute that my girls both take along "babies" where ever we go. Ambry's bunny was sitting in the stroller the whole time we were playing. :)

A fun day despite not being able to see the animals.

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