Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I bribed Piper into letting me take some pics of her. I had so much fun taking the pics. She was in such a goofy mood. Plus I gave her "bubble", gum to the rest of us. :)

Such a cute little face in this pic. I LOVE this face!!

Her "give me a big smile, Piper!" face.

I wish this one was more clear. She was just so happy.

Just a look of wonder on her face. She had spotted a bird outside.

Enjoying her gum.

I took her dress off and had her put on a scarf and as you can see, she was less than impressed. She did NOT like the scarf idea. So I ended up with a very upset little girl.

I had to do a closeup. I love the lip she was giving me.

This is the one grin I got out of her. I promised her a new piece of "bubble" if she would do one big smile. This was literally the only big smile I got out of her before she immediately went back to frowning.
Now I just have to come up with some cute pics of Ambry. She will be a lot harder to get to sit down and get nice pics of. I really want to get some cute ones of them to put up in their room. I also need to try to get cute ones of the two of them together. Yeah, we'll see about that. :)


They are all cute but the look of wonder and the lip are my favs!
I love these pics! She is definitely very photogenic! Anyways, I printed them all off and they're hanging on my fridge! So stinkin cute! I'm coming over and stealing her when you least expect it! :) hehe
~Aunt KK
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