Friday, February 27, 2009

Today is Wacky Day at Ambry's school so we put her shirt on backwards, picked some cool tights, and colored her hair with some markers. She thought she "looked stylin'" in her words. :)

Why oh why can't she just sit or stand nice? Stinker...

You can kind of see her hair colors here. We did blue, green, pink, and purple. In the back, there are red stripes...kind of. :)

At least I have one child who likes her pic being taken. I got 3 right in a row of her looking so adorable. She picked out her clothes again today. What 2 year old does that? Oh well. It all matches and she looks cute. Look at that...posing with her hand in her pocket and everything. She could teach Ambry a thing or two...

Love that little smirk of hers. She knows she's being cute too. You can just see that knowing look in her eyes. :)


So markers will wash out of hair?! That's a great idea! :)
I love the colored hair! Sweet Pippi and that sweet look.
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