Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caleb and I did some projects around the house last week. They kept us pretty busy too. Caleb worked on the bathroom floor and that turned into an even bigger project than we thought. He bought some sticky tiles to lay down and was just going to put them on top of the existing floor, but he decided to pull it up instead. Once he started, he realized there was a whole other floor underneath that floor! What do you think? Totally groovy, right?

Once he got the second layer of flooring up, there was a whole layer of glue that would not let itself be scraped up for anything. So he went and got a belt sander and sanded it all down. Well, that made a mess and a half and since I didn't know what was going on in there--he had the door closed--I didn't have anything put away. Let's just say there was a good inch of dust and ickiness covering everything from toothbrushes to my plant to towels. Yuck!

But it was well worth the mess. I love the floor! It looks so much better than it did. He did an awesome job despite the mess. :)

And just for your viewing pleasure, here is what the bathroom looked like when we first moved in. Lovely, right? In there, we have replaced the light, taken down the wallpaper and painted, put up new blinds, painted the cabinets, put on new handles on the drawers and cabinets, and now replaced the flooring. Whew! Everything but the countertops are new now. :)
We also did a lot of work in the laundry room/bathroom. Caleb made a new countertop out of concrete and I repainted. Apparently he hated the red paint all along. I had no idea! Oops! He likes the new color a lot better and since I liked the red so much I just kept a few red stripes.

Here is part of the new sink. He did an awesome job on it. He picked out the color and everything all by himself!
And, again, here is the bathroom of what it looked like before. We have painted all the cabinets, put new hardware on, replaced the icky foam toilet seat (yuck!!!), painted the walls, put a new mirror up, new countertop (although the orange was really cool, right?), and rearranged the washer and dryer and little so that the washer is facing the door and I now have a little shelf that is level with the washer to put my soap and other miscellaneous items on.
What do you think? Much improved? I sure think so! I love doing projects like this. So much fun. Now if only I could convince Caleb that it is as much fun as I think it is. :)

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Amazing job on the floor. Are those sticky tiles? Cuz they don't look like it!

I love the stripes and want to know how you did that? Did you just tape and pain over the existing color? It looks fabulous!
Looks awesome I to love the stripes very cool!
Yes, those are sticky tiles. So much easier to do--and easier on the budget. :)

The stripes are super easy to do. Plus if you have any nasty spots on the wall like we do--left over glue from previous owners wallpaper--it is a great coverup. The icky spots will still be there but your eyes are drawn to the stripes instead of the wall itself.
I forgot to tell you the other day how much I like your paint job! I forgot to check out the floor. Maybe I can talk the hubby into doing my bathroom floor, I priced it before it would be under thirty bucks for the tiles.
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