Thursday, November 27, 2008

I cut Piper's hair for the first time in...well, a very long time. It was getting so long, but so scraggly on the ends. Her hair is so thin that I just wanted it to be nice and long. But her hair on the ends was getting to the point where about 5 hairs were 3 inches longer than everything else. :)
So I set her up on the counter in the bathroom and got to work snipping away. I didn't cut off very much hair and it probably took me only a quarter as long as it takes me to cut Ambry's. If even that long! I actually ended up cutting off a good 3-4 inches off the ends!

So much better! Nice and straight. Look at their smiley reflections in the mirror.
See what I mean by such a small amount of hair? This was all I cut off, but some of those pieces were so long.

You can kind of see the difference here. She still has her cute little layers in the back. I just trimmed those up a little bit.


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