Friday, November 07, 2008

I am huge on organizing things. Especially when it comes to the kid's things, their toys specifically. If it was up to Caleb, we would get rid of all of them except for a select few. If it was up to me, I would buy hundreds of the things! So in order to compromise, we have toys, and quite a few if I do say so myself. So what to do with all of these toys? Make sure they each go in a specific spot to keep Caleb happy and also to make it easier on the kids. I make use of bins to baskets to shelves in order to make sure that the kids know that each toy has a specific spot. It also keeps me happy because when I help pick up, I also know that each thing is in it's own tidy little spot.

Here is a pic of some bookcases I just picked up for $10.00 a piece. These 2 pieces are so very nice to have. It is very easy for the kids to reach and also the toys are now out in the open and make it easier for them to see and select something to play with and then put it back in it's own spot.

On those shelves are also some very inexpensive bins that I picked up from Lowe's. They were on clearance 4 for $1.00! We use them, for example, one for balls, another for the car mat and cars, and yet another for music toys. This makes everything so much simpler for the kids to find and play with them and then when they are done, they know where each one goes.

This is one of our favorite learning games that we own. It is basically a piece of finished wood with a bunch of nails pounded into it. Yes, I know, quite dangerous. But if played with properly, very fun. The kids use rubberbands to stretch over the heads of the nails to make all different kinds of designs.

Here is a pic of it close up. So very easy to make yourself and a very inexpensive toy. If you get the newspaper, start collecting rubberbands. You will have plenty in no time. The nails and wood can be bought for very cheap at your hardware store. Lots of fun for a very small dollar amount. Perfect!


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